Friday, May 24, 2013

Hop Til You Drop XBLIG Update

So I'm working on getting the first update for Hop Til You Drop ready for the XBLIG version. Here a few of the planned features for the update. Hopefully I can get it into playtesting early next week and shoot for an update the week after that or the following week.
I plan on adding three new characters. These should be fairly easy to unlock. I looked into giving each character different speeds and attributes but I really just want to keep the game fairly simple.
I plan on also looking into adding "online leaderboards" for the XBLIG version. These are implemented in the PC version but getting them on the XBLIG version is a little bit trickier. I'm not promising anything but I do think it would be a cool feature to have.
Lastly the most import new feature of them all is that it's a lot easier to play again after you are done. The results screen has been melded into the gameplay screen.
This is a screenshot from the PC Version but the Xbox version is the same except the text is for controller buttons
This allows you to get back to the action quickly. When I was making the game this never really seemed to be a problem, because I was thinking with a programmer's mentality. Game end = True. Show Results(). Go to Main Menu(). This is how it was supposed to work based on the code and that's how it did work. This was terribly wrong. I was so use to playing the game in this flow that it never occurred to me that I should be letting them get right back into the action. This did come up in peer review on the last review that pushed Hop Til You Drop into the marketplace. However, I did have a chance to pull it and change it and resubmit it. Unfortunately I thought it wasn't a problem. Luckily someone let me know how big of a mistake this was
Edit: I totally forgot to mention the new bullet time effect. Currently in the game whenever you are near any type of enemy you get bonus points. In the new update whenever you have a close call with a missle it will slow down time and give you more bonus points. I'll try to get a video of it up today.

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