Monday, May 27, 2013

New play mode and bullet time tweak

I recently submitted Hop Til You Drop for Desura so that I could do some beta testing over there. Unfortunately it was rejected for being too simple. One of my main goals was to keep the game simple but maybe it is too simple. There are also some parts that are too complicated.

New Play Mode

I was thinking about how to add some variety to the gameplay through new features or maybe a different play style mode. One idea I'm testing out right now is a Time Attack mode. In this mode you get 2 minutes to score as many points as you can. However, when you die the game doesn't end but instead you lose X amount of points. This would also have it's own daily and high score leaderboard section for this game type.

XBLIG removing some complication

In the XBLIG version there are separate scores for each "mode of play" based on the number of players. This is because in two player mode you get twice as many coins to fight over. I was worried people would play 3 player mode with just one person just so they could inflate their score. This was dumb to worry about I think... My goal will be to trim down the menu and only keep track of one high score and one daily high score

Bullet Time Tweak

Finally, a small bullet time tweak. It will now trigger around mines, chasers, and missles. However, it will only trigger when you are jumping. In the current version you can just stand next to a turret and keep getting bonuses constantly.

I'm still exploring some other gameplay tweaks and maybe one more gameplay mode for future updates. Keep Hopping!

Also just wanted to give a big thanks to the people who have downloaded and tried out the PC beta. There is one person in particular who keeps challenging me on the daily high score leaderboard.

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